IMG_4299 IMG_4302 IMG_4308 IMG_4327 IMG_4326IMG_4369 IMG_4364 IMG_4367 IMG_4373 IMG_4484Somehow there is present-time these days: nature gives us the most wonderful light-pink and tender blossoms on the apple trees, our lilac is already in flowers and several birthdays are coming up…

I joined the supercraft lab in Wiesbaden on Saturday with my friend Anne which was great fun – and after a relaxing afternoon away from home I had this fine gray shawl with an embroidered edge. Who will get it?!

And then I happened to be a lucky girl who got an unexpected present herself from a very dear friend ( and emotional soulmate): Meanwhile in San Francisco. It is a great book that truely captures the impressions of my want-to-live-in-city-no1. And the illustrations are wonderful –

Johannes worked on several birthday gifts and made beautiful pictures and gift tags….and gave me a hand with all the wrapping. And eating. At the parties.


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