little things…right now

1-IMG_2732 2-IMG_2735 6-IMG_2747 3-IMG_2737 4-IMG_2739 8-IMG_2775 7-IMG_2763 5-IMG_2746Moments at home have become so precious for me. Right now, every single minute I can be with my children, be outdoors and watch the chickens, prepare a meal in mindfulness and peace or simply listen to the sounds around me (or my heart beat) is important for me. It refills me with joy and gratefulness for life and living and being alive. It gives me strength and power to go through this exhausting period of my life. It is the light above me when I feel like a toad sitting deep in the mud.

So here are the simplest things in life….worth so much theses days.

Sunday afternoons special granola – for the rest of the week, slightly adapted from here. My favorite sweets theses days, nerve calming Hildegard-von-Bingen-cookies, recipe of the favorite kindergarden teacher of my smallest one (hopefully to be published here soon). My little succulent garden waiting to be planted in real soil. One of our favorite meals of my favorite cook: Farro Lentil Soup with Greek Lime Joghurt. Love the colors of the crushed eggshells ready to be fed to the chickens. Winter kale in my garden. Kolme has become so pretty (no, she always has been!). Dried hydrangea making space for the spring to come. (And: I really miss blogging! See you soon!)


4 Gedanken zu “little things…right now

    • Liebe Kathrin, ja, das frag ich mich sowieso…aber es tut gut, sich der Reflexion zu stellen, was man wirklich machen und leben will! LG isa

  1. Liebe Isa,

    Dein Text hat mich sehr berührt& es tut mir aufrichtig&von Herzen leid, dass Du einer schwierigen Zeit in Deinem Leben bewältigen musst.
    Ich wünsche Dir viele von diesen kraftspendenden Momenten mit Deinen Liebsten&vorallem, dass bald mehr Leichtigkeit in Dein Leben kommt&die Sonne für Dich scheint.


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